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Gorilla Squad Security are a professional, skilled and reliable Security Company who provide SIA Registered Door Supervisors across London, Kent and Sussex.

They provide cost effective security services led by comprehensive and individualised venue risk assessments for a wide variety of venues. 

Gorilla Squad Security provide Door Supervisors for Eastbourne Cocktail Club, The Bear Club and our venue next door - Vibes Lounge. All of our venues have a strong focus on the safety of all customers and staff, and we are particularly committed to ensuring the safety of people who may find themselves in vulnerable situations. Gorilla Squad Security embody our ethos and strive to achieve a safe environment in all of our venues.


Marble Surface

Ask Angela is a national scheme that aims to help anyone who may be feeling worried, scared or unsafe on a night out. At Eastbourne Cocktail Club we aim to make sure all of our customers feel and are safe and as part of this, both Eastbourne Cocktail Club and Gorilla Squad Security use the Ask Angela Scheme. 

If you are at our venue and find yourself in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please ask any of our staff or Door Supervisors if you can speak to Angela. Our staff will know you need help and will help you quickly and discreetly.  


Eastbourne Cocktail Club and Gorilla Squad Security ensure that our venue is spike aware. Please speak to any of our staff if you are worried about this, or if you would like a drink cover while you are with us. 


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